About NCI

Image of NCI Co-Presidents David Cheon and Will Massey

Our Company

NCI is a team of people working together as a company to deliver outstanding construction related services for our customers, our trade partners, and our communities. With decades of combined experience, our team of professionals are equipped to deliver the best quality of service to each of our clients. As a specialty contractor, our trades include the development and construction of various solar power systems, roofing and siding for residential properties and commercial properties including multifamily developments.

Solar Energy Services

The NCI Solar division is bringing renewable technologies to government agencies, commercial clients, and school systems.

NCI provides management services for the engineering, procurement, and construction of solar power systems. We have experience developing and building ground mount solar systems, rooftop and carport solar power systems, and integrating energy storage systems for each project.

Multifamily Construction and Commercial Roofing Services

The multifamily roofing and siding division performs exterior building and renovation services for general contractors, institutional agencies, and commercial property owners throughout Virginia.

The commercial roofing division specializes in roofing systems of various sizes and complexities. Whether it is a new construction build or a pre-existing structure, our team of professionals are equipped to facilitate and guide each of our clients through the best plan of action for their project.

Storm Damage Recovery Services

Our storm damage experts assist commercial and residential clients in the insurance claim process following natural disasters. Using our years of experience with insurance claims, we can help ease confusion and provide our clients with the highest quality of restoration services for their property.

Integrity is at the core of how we operate. Let us help you with your next project. We welcome your business inquiries.

Our Trusted Partners